Ways Facial Fillers Can Help Maintain A Youthful Appearance  

Cosmetic procedures are growing in demand by the day as more people look to turn back time and regain their youthful looks. Thanks to the better accessibility of cosmetic treatments, everyone can look younger at their nearest aesthetic medical clinic in Singapore.

One such non-surgical procedure that helps people improve their appearance is facial or dermal fillers. These are gel-like substances made up of synthetic and naturally occurring substances in the body that get injected underneath the skin to add volume, diminishing facial lines and restoring fullness to the face.

Since facial fillers have no downtime and last for a long time, they have become popular among everyday people and celebrities alike. Read on to learn how facial fillers can restore your natural beauty.

1. Rejuvenate the area below the eyes

One of the prominent signs of ageing is discolouration and recession of the area under the eyes. However, this is not exclusive to those of age since there are instances when it also occurs among younger people who lead poor lifestyles.

Facial fillers can help treat these discoloured areas and alleviate their sunken appearance by reducing eye bags, dark circles, and the corners of fine lines. Since these two areas are relatively small, only one or two injections of facial fillers are required to see significant improvements.

2. Smooth out forehead wrinkles

The forehead muscles are very active, given their big role in controlling facial expressions. This area is also where the reduction of collagen from ageing causes a noticeable loss of skin elasticity, leading to sagging and wrinkles in the forehead region. Facial fillers make up for these decreased amounts of collagen in the forehead and restore volume to the skin, smoothing out imperfections for a more youthful look.

3. Add volume to the upper eyelids

The loss of fat and skin elasticity that comes with getting older can also cause eyelids to become hollower and appear darker than normal. A series of facial filler injections around the upper eyelids provide the necessary volume to restore its looks and drastically reduce your facial age.

Besides enhancing appearance, facial fillers for the upper eyelids can also serve a more functional purpose. They help those affected by stroke paralysis or facial palsy close their eyelids properly by adding weights to the upper eyelids.

4. Lift the midface

With age comes muscle atrophy, bone, and fat loss in various body parts, including the midface. These factors result in fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity or looseness, and hollowness, which can all be corrected with facial fillers. Applying the treatment to the affected areas is akin to having a non-surgical mid-face lift.

5. Reduce the appearance of Marionette lines

Marionette lines are the facial wrinkles that form between the mouth and chin and cause a sagging look in the lower half of the face. These lines typically develop when we reach our 40s but can also develop much earlier. Since facial fillers mimic the effects of natural elastic and collagen in the body, applying them to this area eliminates unwanted sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles. The result is the diminished appearance of Marionette lines and a much firmer look on the face.


When used correctly, facial fillers are a very effective means of minimising the signs of ageing and even correcting facial features in certain cases. With the help of an experienced aesthetician or doctor, one can expect little to no side effects from the treatment and excellent cosmetic results.

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