5 Myths About Botox That Need to Be Debunked    

For years, everyday people and celebrities have turned to Botox cosmetic treatment to retain their youthful looks. The cosmetic procedure works by limiting the movement of body muscles (typically in the face), resulting in the disappearance of frown lines and smoothing out unpleasant wrinkles.

Botox’s popularity has led to its widespread availability worldwide, meaning you can even get it at your nearest aesthetic medical clinic in Singapore. But as of late, this household name treatment has had a lot of misconceptions that sully its reputation of effectively rejuvenating one’s appearance. Below, we uncover the truth behind the most common myths about Botox treatments.

1. Permanent solution

Unfortunately, Botox does not permanently help reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the face. The effectiveness of this treatment is only temporary and can range between three to six months, with the duration varying from person to person and the number of times they have received Botox treatment.

2. Works immediately

One of the most prevalent myths surrounding Botox is that it offers near-instant results. However, the truth is that you can expect to see positive results quickly from your treatment. This delay is because Botox slowly improves muscle movement and allows it to relax to reduce frown lines, wrinkles, and other similar imperfections. At Tokyo Garden, many of our clients are immediately satisfied with their Botox treatment, thanks to the knowledge and skill of our expert doctors.

3. Makes your face look ‘frozen’

Since Botox temporarily restricts muscle movement of the face, it is easy to see how people would think getting the treatment would make one’s face look more ‘frozen’ or expressionless. While this rumour has some truth to it, it only occurs when Botox treatment is applied via improper techniques. As such, it is vital to work with an experienced professional, like in Tokyo Garden, who can ensure that you’ll look younger without making your face look unnatural after the treatment.

4. Unsafe

Botox is proven safe for humans under the care of a skilled doctor. Furthermore, the cosmetic industry has also been using it for over 20 years now, making it a reliable treatment for rejuvenating one’s looks. The myth that Botox is unsafe because it contains botulinum toxin, which is associated with food poisoning. Still, the protein levels in Botox cosmetic treatments are non-toxic and completely harmless.

5. Wrinkles will worsen

Botox treatment does not affect how your wrinkles and fine lines appear after it wears off. Remember that since Botox is not a permanent solution, it neither increases nor reduces how your fine lines appear after it leaves your body system. Once you stop the treatment, your muscles gradually regain their normal movement, and your appearance will return to how it was before getting Botox done. Therefore, it is important to continue at the right time, before the wrinkles come back completely.


Botox treatment is among the most recognised cosmetic treatments for improving one’s appearance, and as with anything popular, it is common to have some misconceptions surrounding it. But after reading this article, you should now have a better idea that many of these myths are unfounded. That said, it is still important to understand everything that goes into the procedure when planning to get one.

If you’re looking to get Botox done, look no further than Tokyo Garden. We are committed to helping you achieve that youthful and beautiful look you desire through our effective treatments, chiefly overseen by Dr. Oba, the company’s founder who constantly strives to achieve natural-looking results.

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