What can V Face Slimming do for you?
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Most squarish faces are a result of an enlarged masseter muscle (used for chewing), that creates extra facial width.

Botulinum Toxins acts as a relaxant for jaw muscles, inducing relaxation and also thins the chewing muscles (masseter) in the lateral jaw. The injected Botulinum Toxin will block the nerve impulses of the muscles in the selected area, diminishing the fine lines and wrinkles while ensuring your cheek.

It is then combined with the PIANO Mode Laser, a safe and fast bulk tissue heating procedure that works from the outside in by concentrating energy delivery subcutaneously. The bulk heating is used to tighten the skin, hence improving the result of the slimmer cheeks.

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  • Slimmer Jaw-line
  • Non-surgical, no downtime
V Face Slimming:
Slim Your Jawline and Soften Your Face Shape.
Treatment Flow

The procedure typically requires about 10 minutes.

First, our doctor will mark strategic points on your face as guides to the appropriate injection sites for the botulinum toxins as part of your treatment.

Your injection sites will be mildly cleansed and right before the injections, a cold compress will be used to further numb the treated area. The actual injections will take just a few minutes in total.

After the injection, the marks will be wiped away and an ice compress on the injected area to reduce any temporary discomfort that you might have. At this point, you may apply makeup, but be careful not to apply pressure to the treated areas, as doing so may result in movement of the toxins.

You will be required to come back in 2 weeks to undergo the laser procedure for skin tightening post-botulinum toxins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will I see results?

Improvements will start to show after 3-5 days, and full face slimming and jaw reduction effect is seen at any time between 2 to 8 weeks.

Q: How long do they last?

Results can last between four to six months depending on how fast your body metabolizes the toxins. Patients can choose to repeat the treatment every six months to maintain the effect. For long-term botulinum toxin users, the dosage is often reduced with subsequent treatments.

Q: Is this treatment safe?

Botulinum toxins can be safely used to slim down a wide face. Although temporary difficulty in chewing may sometimes occur, side effects are rare. In addition, there is no downtime, and normal daily activities can be resumed immediately.