Tightsculpting Cellulite


TightSculpting® is a state of the art non-invasive and non-surgical body shaping treatment that has been proven by clinical experts in Singapore. The treatment uses laser energy to reduce fat tissue, sculpt the body, and tighten loose and lax skin all at the same time.

The revolutionary TightSculpting® laser system is capable of treating both the appearance of skin laxity and unwanted fat.

What Is TightSculpting®?

TightSculpting® was developed by Fotona, an acclaimed medical laser company, using the revolutionary Sp Dynamis laser system.

It is a distinctive dual-wavelength, non-invasive laser treatment that sculpts the body by reducing fat deposits and tightening skin in all areas. TightSculpting® consists of two steps: PIANO® pulse and SMOOTH® pulse.

PIANO® pulse is the process in which the laser delivers energy to the targeted area, stimulating the metabolism of fat cells while leaving the epidermis unscathed. The PIANO® pulse is specially designed to heat the fat tissues safely, comfortably, and quickly. During this procedure, some patients may feel a slight tingling sensation.

Following this is the SMOOTH® pulse, which is solely to tighten the skin. The process promotes collagen remodelling, and brings about neocollagenesis, the production of new collagen fibres in the body. Skin tightening is an effective solution to treating skin laxity, cellulite, stretch marks, and saggy skin.

How Is TightSculpting® Done?

The area of treatment will be cleaned with normal saline. The area of treatment will be marked into quadrants. The laser will be continuously fired onto each quadrant to reach an optimum temperature of 42 degrees.

We aim to keep the temperature at 42 degrees for three minutes for each quadrant. Then, we will proceed to the second step, using the SMOOTH® pulse to tighten the skin. This laser will run through each quadrant for at least eight passes.

Each treatment interval is 3 weekly.

Is There Any Contraindication to the Treatment?

Patients with tattoos around the treatment are contraindicated as high risk of burns and pain. The tattoo may also be destroyed.

Patients who are overly obese should not go for this treatment as TightSculpting® is used to treat areas of the body that are resistant to exercising and dieting. It is important to bear in mind that TightSculpting® should never be used as a primary slimming device.

Please note that we may not be able to provide treatment for the following people.

  • If you are pregnant or have the possibility of pregnancy.
  • If you have severe diabetes.

How Does The Treatment Feel Like?

During the first step - PIANO® pulse, our doctors will blast cold air alongside the laser to achieve the desired temperature for tissue heating. Most patients have mentioned that this step is comfortable.

However, the second step - SMOOTH® pulse - is not accompanied by the cold air. Thus, patients may feel a warmer sensation. The laser is not targeted in one specific area for a long time and will be moved throughout the body, so the heat is tolerable. Overall, the entire procedure is painless and quick.

Benefits of TightSculpting®

Aside from being non-invasive and requiring minimal to no downtime, TightSculpting® can also successfully eliminate excess fat, slim and tone the body, tighten skin, and reduce cellulite and stretch marks. All these are common aesthetic issues in Singapore, and TightSculpting® is an effective solution for all of them. This gives women newfound confidence, especially if they have lost a significant amount of weight recently, have given birth, or would simply like to enhance the appearance of their bodies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the treatment hurt?
No. You’ll feel a mild warm sensation that feels like rubber band snapping on your skin but it is largely tolerable.
Under what circumstances, should I avoid this treatment?
Persons who are pregnant or may be pregnant, severe diabetes, sensitive skin. For details please ask our doctor.
Can I see results immediately and how long will they last?
There is an immediate tightening effect after one treatment, but the targetted fat cells take up to 2 months to naturally drain away from the body. We recommend three to six treatments for an area.