What can Micro Laser Peel do for you?
Tokyo Garden Clinic Pte Ltd.

The Micro Laser reduces imperfections with an extremely controlled light peel, giving the skin a smoother pearl finish.

After the laser, a Vitamin C serum is used to infuse your skin with a mild electric current known as electroporation. This increases absorption rate and enhances the skin brightening and smoothening effects.

Tokyo Garden Clinic Pte Ltd.
  • Smoothened Skin
  • Minimised Pores
  • Overall Brightening of Complexion
Micro Laser Peel:
Medical laser to resolve problem skin; Stimulate skin rejuvenation.
Treatment Flow

The procedure typically requires about 10 minutes depending on the surface areas of your underarms.

Before the treatment, our therapist will gently cleanse the areas to be treated. After that, protective eye goggles will be placed on you.

Our doctor will perform the treatment by first using a hand piece that delivers a pulse of YAG Laser over your face. After the laser, our therapist will start the Vitamin C electroporation. Both treatments feel like a tingling sensation on your skin that is noticeable but not painful.

A daily moisturizer and sunblock are applied to soothe and protect your skin post-treatment. The entire procedure takes less than 10 minutes.

The skin may appear pink or red for an average of 20 – 30 minutes. You can resume normal activities i.e go to work, have meals, shower etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Micro Laser Peel hurt?

No. You’ll feel a mild warm sensation that feels like rubber band snapping on your skin but it is largely tolerable.

Q: How many treatments do I need?

That depends on your individual concerns and needs. Our consultants will help you set a regular routine you can stick to both for treatment of any issues like acne or uneven skin tone as well as ongoing maintenance to keep your skin healthy.

Q: When will I see results?

After your first treatment, you will immediately notice cleaner, tighter and smoother skin. Regular, frequent treatments lead to optimal results. Improvements will accelerate after each additional session. Please note that everyone’s skin is unique and individual results may vary.