What can Facial Fillers do for you?
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“Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring substance in the human body that absorbs water, hence causes a smoothening and filling effect. After injection, it acts like an inflated cushion to support facial structures and tissues that may have lost volume or elasticity. As a result, the treatment area will plump up as wrinkles, depressions or folds virtually fills out, resulting in skin looking fresh and supple. Scars and deep lines might require multiple injections to achieve your desired results. Common sites for deeper tissue fillers are the nasolabial folds and marionette lines, or to enhance fullness in the cheeks. Popular areas to add volume and fullness include the lips, cheeks and nose bridge. For smoothing and plumping lines and wrinkles, areas include around the forehead, eyes, mouth, chin, neck, décolletage and hands.”

Tokyo Garden Clinic Pte Ltd.
  • Reduced appearance of lines
  • Enhanced facial shape
  • Non-surgical, no downtime
Facial Fillers:
Enhance your facial shape naturalistically
Treatment Flow

The procedure typically requires about a half hour.

First, our doctor will mark strategic points on your face as guides to the appropriate injection sites for the filler as part of your treatment.

Your injection sites will be mildly cleansed and right before the injections, a cold compress will be used to further numb the treated area. The actual injections will take just a few minutes in total. Depending on the area treated, the skin may be lightly massaged for the desired correction.

After the injection, the marks will be wiped away and an ice compress on the injected area to reduce any temporary discomfort that you might have. At this point, you may apply makeup, but be careful not to apply pressure to the treated areas, as doing so may result in movement of the dermal filler.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the treatment hurt?

There can be some discomfort that is described as a mild pain or a burning, itching sensation. However, this discomfort is usually minimal and is very well tolerated.

Q: How many treatments do I need?

Usually two sessions are recommended. No special pre-op preparation or post-op precautions are necessary. Patients can immediately return to their normal everyday activities.

Q: Are there side effects?

Studies over 10 years have shown no side effects or risks associated with this procedure if performed correctly. There is over 95% of patient satisfaction and over 93% of the partners noticed a difference after the procedure is done. There is no downtime. Patients can return to their normal everyday activities. It is recommended that you avoid any sexual activity for 72 hours after the procedure.