What can 4D Laser Eye Lift do for you?
Tokyo Garden Clinic Pte Ltd.

A revolutionary, advanced and non-surgical laser procedure that targets the conjunctival sac of the lower eyelids ( protective eye shields will be inserted to protect your eyes). It stimulates new collagen production and contraction of collagen and elastin fibres helping with eye bags and dark eye circles.

Tokyo Garden Clinic Pte Ltd.
  • Tighten & Firm Skin
  • Reduce Eye Bags
  • Lighten Eye Circles
4D Laser Eye Lift:
Showcase Your Beautiful, Bright Eyes
Treatment Flow

The procedure typically requires about a half hour, depending on the surface areas of your underarms.

Before the treatment, a special anesthetic eyedrop will be dropped into your eyes, for protective eye shield to be placed over your eyes, like wearing contact lens.

Once the shields are in, the doctor will pull down the undereye-lid and pulse the laser on the area. The sensation is a warm and soothing feeling, circulating blood flow.

An additional eyedrop will be prescribed for soothing and hydrating the eyes.

Avoid wearing contact lenses for the time being. Other than that, you can resume normal activities i.e go to work, have meals, shower etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the treatment hurt?

You may experience some mild discomfort during treatment, however the local anaesthetic will help to minimise any pain caused and to prevent any soreness.

Q: How long can the results last?

The results can last up to 12 months with proper care.

Q: When will I see results?

Your under eye skin will feel slightly firmer. Gradual results will also be seen over time after more treatments as collagen production will be stimulated to restore lost volume.