What Causes Dark Eye Circles?
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Mild swelling or darkness around the eyes is part of the aging process and becomes more frequent as you get older. The skin around the eyes is thinner compared to the rest of the skin on the face and weakens, making it most vulnerable to the signs of aging. As such, the eyelid muscles also lose its support and the fat that supports the eyes moves forward to the lower eyelids, causing the eyes to look swollen puffy.

A process called edema can also aggravate the swelling, as excessive liquids accumulate around the eyes.  This is a kind of fluid retention because of various reasons such as allergies, sinus problem, dehydration, lack of sleep, fatigue and stress, aging or even heredity factors. This puffyness can cast a shadow around the eyes creating an appearance of dark eye circles.

Precise Laser Targetting of Eye Skin To Combat Dark Eye Circles.
Suitable Treatments
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4D Laser Eye Lift

A revolutionary, advanced and non-surgical laser procedure that targets the conjunctival sac of the lower eyelids ( protective eye shields will be inserted to protect your eyes). It stimulates new collagen production and contraction of collagen and elastin fibres helping with eye bags and dark eye circles.

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