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Dr. Hidenobu Oba, Clinic Founder

Ever since graduating from the top Jikei University School of Medicine in Japan in 1994, Dr. Oba has studied different medical approaches to beauty through practising in his own plastic surgery clinic. The expansion of Garden Clinic from Tokyo to five other prominent places in Japan is testimonial of his work.

Dr. Oba believes very strongly in treating every patient like his own. With his hands, kindness and passion, he is committed to help them to achieve the beautiful and youthful look they desire and deserve.

Although he does not practise in Singapore, Tokyo Garden Medical Aesthetics follows his passion towards our patients’ care.

Dr. Hidenobu Oba

Dr. Oba is committed to teaching and educating doctors through direct supervision of regular visits and sharing the latest technology in Japan via video conferencing.

Chief Director of Garden Clinic

Hidenobu Oba

Chief Director of Garden Clinic Hidenobu Oba

Brief History

  • 1994

    Graduated from The Jikei University School of Medicine

  • 1995

    Joined certain cosmetic surgery department

  • 1997

    Joined the Department of Anesthesiology, Teikyo University Mizonokuchi Hospital
    Clinical Anatomy Research at Department of Anatomy, The Jikei University School of Medicine

  • 1998

    Appointed as Director of certain major cosmetic surgery clinic

  • 2013

    Opened Garden Clinic

Academic Affiliations and Qualifications

Regular member of the Japanese Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

How did you become a cosmetic surgeon?

In college, you practice around various departments, but cosmetic surgery was neither a class nor a course. However, I had decided to become a cosmetic surgeon since I was a student. I had always had an interest in beauty and a strong desire to "make people beautiful!

In addition, cosmetic surgery is a surgery in which results cannot be faked and patients cannot be lied to. Although there is a lot of pressure, I chose this career because it is a very rewarding career because there is a clear black and white line and I can directly feel the patients' evaluations.

What kind of surgery are you good at?

In addition to fat suctioning, my specialty is liposuction, including fat injections, which can beautify and rejuvenate the body by using one's own fat.

When I became a cosmetic surgeon, the main focus of cosmetic surgery was double eyelid surgery. However, the need for a double eyelid is only for Asians and not needed in the West.

At that time, I saw the surgery of fat suction for the first time and my body went into shock. I strongly felt that fat liposuction, which started in Europe and then crossed over to the U.S. and Japan, was a world-class surgery and that I wanted to be the best in this surgery, the best in Japan, and the best in the world.

I am proud to say that I have such a high level of skill, experience, and number of cases in this surgery that I can compete with doctors from all over the world.

Please tell us about your hobbies and special skills.

My hobby is to drive cars.
I used to race go-karts when I was a student. To the onlooker, car racing looks easy, but it takes a lot of concentration and energy.

Surgery also looks very easy when a good doctor performs it, but it takes a great deal of concentration and physical strength while it is being performed.

In both racing and surgery, it is important to do the routine things in a proper order, because changing the procedure in the middle of the race can lead to bad results.

Do you have a message for those who are concerned about beauty?

Although the word "cosmetic surgery" often carries a negative image, I always want to dispel that image, even if only a little.

It is not about replacing the body, eyes, or nose; it is simply a surgery to bring out a person's true beauty. Many people have become more beautiful, attractive, and happy by bringing out the good parts of themselves that they were unaware of.

Instead of feeling guilty about having the surgery, forget about it at all and live a confident and positive life, saying, "I am beautiful!" I would be very happy if you could live your life with confidence and positivity.


Our Philosophy

Cosmetic medicine with the warmth of hands.

Cosmetic medicine with the warmth of hands.

Since the opening of our clinic, we at Garden Clinic have consistently put ourselves in the patient's shoes and have provided cosmetic medicine that advances treatment together with the patient.

As the Japanese have long described medical treatment as "te-ate," the essence of such medical treatment, in which a hand is held over the affected area and the patient is soothed with gentleness and warmth, seems to have been forgotten in this age of information overload, when clinics are selected based on words and images alone.

In our clinic, each doctor is responsible for providing treatment that is suited to the patient's body and concerns, as well as having meticulous skills.

Our Philosophy

want to be beautiful. want to stay young forever.

We sincerely accept the pure feelings of each and every one of our patients and hope to continue to protect "cosmetic medicine that conveys the warmth of hands" with sincerity in every age.

We hope that everyone who has undergone treatment at our clinic will continue to shine forever, and that we can be your partner in beauty for many years to come.

We will continue to provide aesthetic medicine that conveys the warmth of our hands by seriously addressing the concerns of each and every patient.


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