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Don’t suffer in silence this summer! If you think you might be suffering from this excessive sweating and usual methods such as antiperspirants haven’t worked, you probably are a good candidate for MiraDry®!

Many people are still not aware of the possibility of having underarm MiraDry® to successfully treat this condition. This non-invasive procedure uses electromagnetic waves to a very precise depth beneath the skin’s surface, which in turn, safely target your skin’s sweat glands, without disrupting its surrounding tissue. Not to mention that MiraDry® has a very strong safety record too! Although patients may experience some minimal soreness or swelling in and around the treatment area, it typically clears up within a few weeks, and patients are free to resume their regular activities immediately following treatment. To date, more than 6,000 MiraDry®  procedures have been performed worldwide, as patients from all walks of life continue to report minimal side effects, optimal tolerability of treatment, and lasting, successful results, months after treatment.

This treatment is quick, safe and relatively painless. Our patients have felt satisfaction with their results as it leaves them sweat-free and clean. They no longer worry about potential embarrassing situations or feeling self conscious about themselves as this treatment is long lasting. 

In order to assess your suitability for this treatment, you will need to have a full consultation to exclude other medical conditions which may have contributed to this condition. Make an appointment for a initial assessment here.