Journal Overview

It’s summer time, the hot sun is brilliant, the ocean tides are tempting and the beach is beckoning you. But before you forget your skincare routine, here are three summer skincare reminders, to help take care of your delicate skin into these hot, hot months!


Drinking More Water

We have so many patients that we see whose skin always showed some visible signs of dehydration. During this warm period, you lose a lot of water and electrolytes due to sweating. Increasing your water intake, will help your cells to replenish your skin tissue and increasing skin firmness and elasticity. So remember, 6 – 8 glasses a day to keep that bouncy skin glowin’ in the sun.

Sunscreen Always

We all know the damages of the sun, UVA andUVB rays can be so detrimental to our skin – creating extra melanin and dark pigmentation. Use at least a SPF 50+ sunscreen for water resistant protection, and then don’t forget to top it up after every four hours! 

Directly Hydrating Your Skin

Been increasing all that water intake and all the sunscreen, and yet your skin still looks dull and dehydrated? Tokyo Garden has an effective hydration treatment – 水光注射 Skin Boosters can compensate for any loss in the skin’s natural collagen and hylaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid molecules work by absorbing moisture and then expand into gel-like particles below the skin’s surface, which keeps the skin firm and looking hydrated. This treatment can last for up to three to six months!