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Do you have unwanted excess hair on your body that you find embarrassing and difficult to hide? Well, you are not alone! Many of us suffer from visible, unwanted hair that’s troublesome to remove. However, of course there are a number of safe and effective options out there for you to try. Here are some methods but Laser Hair Removal is still our best bet!



A simple and common method, but slow and not very effective if you’re trying to remove more than a few hairs at one time or if you’re trying to get rid of the hairs permanently.  Once you pluck out the hair, it grows back relatively fast. Not to mention, it can be painful and can cause rashes and irritation.


Shaving is less painful than tweezing and also can remove much more hair over a bigger part of your body, but like tweezing, it’s not permanent too. Apart from that and giving you little cuts (if you are not careful), and razor burns,  it also adds to your expenses with the purchase of new razors every few weeks.


Now, waxing is a semi-permanent option that can be used to prevent hair growth for normally up to a month. Although some areas such as your back and shoulders can yield results that may last even a little bit longer, in the end, the hair will always grow back.  However, wax is also not an easy medium to use and could cause more pain, especially if you are new to it. 


Electrolysis is considered to be permanent, as it works by burning hair follicles in your skin so they cannot produce new hairs. For electrolysis to be effective, you need to prepare for umpteen sessions and performed improperly under the wrong hands, it can cause damage to your skin and even permanent discolouration to the skin. Definitely not suitable for people with sensitive skin as their skin can react easily.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is your best option as a fast and effective method. It works well on small and large areas and can be used on all types of skin tones, sensitivity levels, and hair densities to remove excess hair fast. With all the advancements in laser technology, the process has become non-harming to skin and its precision makes it unable to cause damage to surrounding skin. You can also get more coverage and comfort than any other method for hair removal on the market.

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