Journal Overview

21 June was Tokyo Garden’s 1st Anniversary Party aka our Birthday Party and we are so glad so many of our distinguished guests came to celebrate with us by going out to the sea! This year, other than our founding medical director from Garden Clinic Japan – Dr Hidenobu Oba, we also had his righthand man – Dr Kato, who’s the medical director at the Shinjuku clinic! 

It was a great time spent catching up with everyone, who supported us through our 1st year in Singapore, a great Friday evening spent indeed! Cheers to everybody and many more years to come!

Our guests with their plus-ones!

Dr Kato taking centrestage with our 2 beautiful guests!

It’s party time!

Dr Vincent sharing a picturesque view at Keppel Bay before we sailed off.

On the deck lies our gorgeous guests, wind beneath their wings!

Dr Vincent addressing everyone, a heartfelt speech about how Tokyo Garden has done over the 1 year.

Japan Team! From left to right: Dr Kato, Dr Oba, Wada-san, Nomoto-san and Yoshiko-san.