Get skin tightened, wrinkles out, pores shrunk, and the ideal "V" jawline.
Oversweating and body odour is now treatable!
Laser Hair Removal
Permamnet hair removal is not impossible and you..
The first revolutionary bio-remodelling “injectable skincare”

Dr. Dai Chao, Medical Director

Dr. Dai is passionate about aging gracefully, and to provide holistic and tailored treatment plans for every individual patient to look and feel their best. His special interest is in skin rejuvenation and botox injections.

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About Tokyo Garden Singapore

Tokyo Garden is a Japanese Aesthetics Clinic in Singapore, with a focus in non-invasive aesthetic treatments for the skin, face and body. Our treatment protocol is inspired from our sister Garden Clinics in Japan.

Located in the heart of Orchard Road at Wisma Atria, our cozy clinic takes on a tranquil and naturalistic design to reflect the Japanese values of simplicity. While waiting for your treatment, feel free to help yourselves to our selection of beverages and snacks from Japan, or simply stay in our lounge area with serene music lulling you to a restful time.

If you have any concern, do voice out to our staff and we hope to help you with anything you need. Good service is our motto and we hope to give you our best.

“Inner beauty lies in the soul, outer beauty is skin deep. Both needs lifelong nurturing.”


435 Orchard Road #15-04,
Wisma Atria (Office Tower) Singapore 238877